Kalamata (100%) Olive Paste




12 x 400gr (easy open cans)

12 x 220gr (jars)


Kalamata Olives, Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil



BALDJIS Kalamata (100%) Olive Paste, is a very flavor and tasteful product. Made from 100% Kalamata olives. Grown and packed exclusively in Kalamata, Greece. Our unique position in the heart of the region, the use of our own crops, as well as our cooperation with the local farmers for over five generations, can ensure that you can enjoy only the best, naturally debittered, Kalamata olives & olive paste the region has to offer. Traditional recipes and the use of the strictest packing procedures ensure that in terms of flavor and nutritional characteristics they do not come any better than: Baldjis kalamata olives & Baldjis kalamata olive paste